Aussie Moist Pump Bottle

Brittany, a long time follower of Mane & Chic wanted to let us know about the 1 liter size Aussie Moist. She says, "This may be old news, but I personally hated their old cap, so maybe this might interest other naturals. It's 1 litre and sells for abut 5-6 bucks".

Thanks Brittany! I'm not a fan of the small size caps either because it is kind of hard to twist off. I like to add water to the bottle on its last use to get all of the product out. Not that I'm cheap or anything, but why waste? Recently I found the 16.9 ounce size at Family Dollar or Dollar General (I can't remember), but it's more of a square cap and it's easier to twist off. It was on sale for $2 so of course I bought all they had: 4 bottles.

I'm an admitted conditioner-aholic. I've been known to use an entire bottle in one use so of course I'm going to want every drop from the bottle. I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE! I have actually used scissors and a mini hack saw (if necessary) to cut bottles in half on several occasions mainly on my Giovanni and Aubrey Conditioners because they are super thick and NOT cheap (especially for a conditioner-holic) and I want to get it all out. Maybe a little extreme, but I am always super careful. 

Aussie's website says this 1 liter size "gives up to 125 washes"...
*This package contains 125 uses, on average, based on 2 pumps per wash. The precise number of uses will vary depending on hair length and amount of product used per wash.
Nah, I don't think so Aussie. I'm going to need at least 6 pumps for the co-wash, then a second rinse through and a few more pumps for styling. The summer is coming and that means more frequent co-washes. I can go through an average conditioner bottle in one week or less when it's hot out so maybe this would last about a month but definitely not 125 washes.


  1. i discovered the 1 liter bottles at walmart for $5 last year and never looked back. usually buy 2 at a time. the pumps stop working when the conditioner gets below the half-way point. but i usually just pop off the pump and all is well with the world.

    i've tried styling with various products + conditioner and eventually end up getting white flakes when my hair dries completely. dunno what i'm doing wrong so i tend to completely rinse out any conditioner and just use a moisturizer when i'm out of the shower. =\

  2. I love the pump bottle. Its really hard for me to hold the normal size bottle, so I bought this one.
    This is part of my holy grail of condish...
    But now I'm gonna search for the nearest Family Dollar, bc I pay like $5 for them at Target

  3. Love Aussie Moist. I recently had an issue with the pump on a brand new bottle. So now I have to unscrew the pump and squeeze the conditioner into my hand. As you can imagine, this is quiet an issue with this bottle. Nevertheless, I went onto the Aussie website and sent an email describing the issue with the pump and they sent me a coupon for a free bottle!!! Love good customer service.

  4. I don't even think I care that the pump won't work when the level is low- I'll just keep buying cheap condishes to dump in there! It's so perfect- it sits right on the windowsill in my shower, I am SO in love. Now that I think about it, one could probably purchase a big pump bottle of conditioner from sallys or another BSS, though.. hmmmm.

  5. O my goodness Essence I love the puff. You go girlfriend..
    Love ya