I, Hairbot - Hair Robot, Anyone?

The 2004 movie I, Robot staring Will Smith is one of my favorite movies mainly because Will Smith is the star. Anyway, the movie got me to thinking about how cool would it be to have a hair robot. You'll remember, in the movie the robots could do everything from delivering mail, rescuing their owners from having asthma attacks and basically all the same things as a human. Well, if there were hair robots that were a 100 times more efficient and knowledgeable than the average stylists and we could have them in our home at our beck and call, could you imagine how much time we would save? If we could just go on the Internet, pick a style and download it into the hair robot's memory and have the robot just style it. Imagine if the robot was programmed with all the knowledge of the world's best naturally curly kinky hair stylists like Dickey, the ladies at Miss Jessie's and Ouidad. How dope would that be! You could be having your hair braided for a braid out while you're watching reruns of Girlfriends, sipping on a glass of Moscato: just chilling while the robot does all of the work. Oh, what about a straw set or a coil out... they are super time consuming. Could you imagine having a robot that could do all of that and faster than a human without snagging or pulling your hair? How about it being able to go through your hair strand by strand and cut of split  or damaged ends? What if it could also do the trendiest hair cuts, the healthiest extension techniques, one hour scalp massages, the most innovative braiding techniques, the cleanest parting and sectioning, the most uniform roller setting techniques,  apply deep conditioner to every strand root to tip and any and everything else you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams?

Would you want a hair robot?
It depends

If this robot were available now, realistically, how much would you expect to pay to take one home with you?
A few hundred dollars
A few thousand dollars
About the average cost of an average car $20-30K
About the cost of a luxury car $40K-70K
About the cost of an average home, well over $100
More than all of those

Would you consider purchasing the hair robot the same way you would a student loan, new car or home: paying a monthly installment and paying over the course of 10-20 years?
Would you take out a loan to buy the robot and pay over time?
Absolutely Not
It Depends


  1. I would totally let this robot search & destroy split ends and fairy knots, strand by strand.
    But that's about it. Oh, it would be good for braids and twist extensions.

    I wouldn't pay for one though. I WOULD go to a salon that offered the service.

  2. robots are apart of the new world order....google it.

  3. NO WAY!! How could I let a robot touch my hair when I can barely trust another human being with it?! LoL